Earth god

Morning or evening, moon or moon, event wishes, people's determination

The floor god is a connection with the floor pillar in the sense of Feng Shui. The hanging scroll on the floor, which is a symbol of a man, is worshiped as the god of the floor as a symbol of history and culture. The pictures that are displayed contain the meaning of each immovable Shinrikyo.

龍神Dragon God

"Fusion of fusion of five continents"

A dragon is a wind. The "insect" in the letters of the wind is a dragon. The wind from heaven and the wind from the seabed collide to create a living organism. The Creator God of the nation has carved 108 worldly desires, yin and yang (spirit) into the life forms of all things in nature. The country was created in all directions according to the laws of Shinrikyo. One (wave) wind ... Ryujin ... The wind is preached as a dragon in all directions, north, south, east, and west.

雲巖長老Elder Yunyan

「Michibiraki Okami」

The god of nation-building rises with the vibration of the wind from the earthly world, fuses with the water vapor of the celestial body, creates the world of clouds, the human beings on the earthly world (people who carved wisdom) and the humans who control prayer (small terrain) God who is examining and observing the way of life. He determines the dimension of the flower garden, hell, or the world after death. By preaching and praying for the law of Shinrikyo, he leads the soul to the world of enlightenment.

達磨大神Daruma Okami

「God of seven falls and eight rises」

Working under Elder Unwa, humans from the heavenly world to the earthly world do bad things, encourage reflection when they do not notice, become aware of human missions, and give good guidance to those who can pray. .. It is called the god of "seven falls and eight rises". Good luck opening the way to truth.

先福禄寿Fortune Rokuju

"Matching = benefits"

A symbol of the Trinity's three treasures, the floor god, whose creator god has blessed humankind (humans). (1) Child-bearing ... Prosperity of descendants (2) Rich ... Prosperity of business (3) Prosperity of life-Prosperity of life Kitayama is enshrined in the north of Okinawa, and is especially positioned as the Unner family on Kouri Island, the birthplace of humankind. We receive the blessings of child treasure by praying.

ウァーサ王King Vasa (23 nights)

「God of rising fortune and prosperity of business」

Wasa is a pig (dialect) The symbol of a pig means the wave motion in the direction of the seabed. All natural life forms are born from the seabed. It is said that Kanashi Kinman, who controls money, will appear on the 23rd. By praying for the mechanism of nature and the lunar calendar, you can enjoy the blessings of money. It is said that King Wasa became rich by believing in what is called Kinman. Kinmangu Shrine has that deep spirit.

観天王Kantenno (The 13th Evening)

A symbol of the history of a man who traveled to China and other countries to study and study commerce. On May 13th of the lunar calendar, the 13th Evening Festival will be held at the head family and Motoya to pray for boys' advancement into society and flapping their wings. * It has been handed down from ancient people that praying charges the vibrations of the courage and wisdom of men and makes them fly in society.

高砂護Seven Lucky Gods

「God of longevity」

It is a symbol of faith that respects the birth of life by fusing the east and west directions. Heaven / earth, crane / turtle, grandfather / grandmother, pine / bamboo, sun / moon ... You will receive energy for longevity, health, and no illness. In Okinawa, it is worshiped in the eastern direction.