~ Earth god ~

「Morning and evening, moon and moon, event wishes, people's decision」

The floor god is a connection with the floor pillar in the sense of Feng Shui. The hanging scroll on the floor, which is a symbol of a man, is worshiped as the god of the floor as a symbol of history and culture. The pictures that are displayed contain the meaning of each immovable Shinrikyo.

~ Earth Sky Heaven ~

「Sending Okinawa's praying heart to the world and humankind」

10 prayer power spots. Fusion of heaven, earth, and nature / north, south, east, and west The birth of life as one of yin and yang ""light"" You can see and feel the symbol of coexistence and mutual prosperity with nature. You will be able to raise the dimension of the soul of each person who prays.


It is the entrance of the energy light of the earthly world sent by the gods who control the north, south, east and west, and all directions. Based on the law of Yin-Yang Shinrikyo, knowing (sensing) the divine will of shining light from the gates of shrines, sales offices, and homes.

【Sun, moon and star tower】

A solar calendar is created from the sun, a yin calendar is created from the moon, and many star life forms are born by the collision of yin and yang. Humans are born with the mission of the zodiac (stars). The human mission governs prayer.

【Ryujin Shrine】

A symbol of Ko-Shintō. The wind from the seabed (black dragon) and the wind of the celestial body (white dragon) collided and were created. Northwest direction of Okinawa. The vibrations of the seven curved dragon gods in Nago Bay are charged from the three gods of heaven, earth, and sky.

【Kouri Island The island of human origin】

Men and women who started humans on Kouri Island. Men and women who were taken down from heaven by the creator god, Rokuju Sofuku. It is a human mission to pray for the unification of all things in nature. And it is your mission to pray too.

【Bodhisattva incarnation】

The heavenly world and the dragon god from the seabed are united in the earthly world to create a stone life. A cave is created from the stone of life, and a stone Buddha is born and becomes Gongen. A house where the dragon god sits, created based on the law of orientation. (Civilization evolved, a temple was created, Kannon was worshiped, and the real world was enlightened.)

A symbol of the mechanism that creates life based on the fusion of all things, north, south, east, and west, and the laws of yin and yang. The mechanism of the universe and the mechanism of the human body are the same. The mechanism by which humans return to nature. You can see the law that creates 108 worldly desires.

【Kamiya (Motoya)】

It acts as the root of a tree. Nenogami of relatives. The Kamidana in the Motoya is deeply formed to the divine world, the alcove to the cultural civilization, and the Buddhist altar to the tombs of the ancestors. We hold events for the purpose of prosperity based on the laws of God and Buddha. Motoya in Okinawa brings a world-class fusion of gods and Buddha.


The historical water of Kyoda is the sacred water of the blessing of the black dragon (bottom of the sea) sent from the seven bends of Nago Bay. It is Ryusui that cleanses the body and mind and is disease-free. ~ Take a sip of medicinal water ~

【The transmission axis of the praying heart (God of fire)】

A gathering of gods. The axis of prayer transmission. The truth is that my soul is kept alive in the world of God and Buddha, and I lie down on the ground and look up at the heavens. If you pray with Okinawa's unique incense stick, which has the meaning of fusion of all nature, a breeze of happiness will blow.

【National flag】

The national flag was created for the purpose of world peace by uniting all directions to bring about fusion. World peace is created by recognizing the meaning of the national flag in the raising of the national flag during the celebrations, festivals, and ceremonies of each country, and praying for all things in nature, in all directions. As the glyph of the flag represents the direction and is based on it.