Forest of prayer, wind

Kyoda, Nago City, in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture (Yanbaru). It is a place of prayer where you can overlook Cape Busena and Cape Busena, and the wonderful scenery of Nagoura purifies people's souls.

Nature worship

May 2017. It was completed in Kyoda, Nago City, northern Okinawa. It is located on a hill with a spectacular view of Cape Busena, Cape Busena, and Nagoura. This facility is a place to worship and pray for the symbol of "natural worship" that the people of Okinawa should be.

「Heaven, Earth, Nature and All Things Fusion」
「East, West, South, North, All directions」

Life is born as a unit of yin and yang. Let's see and feel the symbol of coexistence and mutual prosperity with nature, and pray for each person's gratitude for being alive. By doing so, you will be able to raise the dimension of each person's soul. ~Message from Kouri Island, the island of origin of humankind-

By Toguchi Ayako, the goddess of Kouri Island, Okinawa

Child treasure, good luck prayer

It is to heal the worries caused by infertility and the stress of infertility treatment, pray for pregnancy (pregnancy), and pray for a healthy baby.

Feng Shui guidance

"Ryukyu Feng Shui" is mainly based on the "terrain theory" derived from geography, and is similar and different. Unlike Feng Shui in environmental science, the terrain theory says that the basic idea is to "create a comfortable environment to live in according to the land."


My other mission is to solve the causes of prosperity of descendants, prosperity of business, disease-free illness, and those who are worried about them, based on God's teachings. Receive messages from the guardian deity (your own Tathagata) and guardian spirit (your own bloodline), and correctly explain the meaning to those who are worried and make them aware of it.

"We accept reservations and consultations at any time. If you wish, please feel free to contact us at 「070-5411-1653」."

沖縄県 名護市許 疏球 祈りの森、風